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Advice for a Lasting and Happy Marriage

Advice for a Lasting and Happy Marriage

A relationship free from fights, scratches and fights? That is a fairy tale (although the story of Cinderella and Prince Charming actually also has problems).


Of course not fun fist-fist with your lover, but fighting does not describe the end of your relationship. Although it's not as easy as understanding physics at school, understanding partner is very important in a relationship.


Here are 6 specialist tips for helping to make couples better. Because every relationship (even the best of the best) has room to grow. This is a tutorial for you to improve your marriage or long-term relationship (maybe you will be surprised how good these tips work).


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1. Fight, Your Relationship Instructions Still Have a Good Base

It may sound contradictory, but the argument between the pairs can be a sign that the relation of such a thing still has a good foundation.


Next time you find yourself in a 'war of words' with your partner, don't give up and leave. But use this 'disagreement' as a meeting point to find a resolution and make it better.


2. If You Love Him, Let It Grow

Often we are bound in relationships and think we know someone well so that we do not allow them to be free to be something more than the same individual when we know it all along.


But embracing this change can be really useful for a relationship. So if your husband hopes to play golf or your wife hopes to return to school for another degree, encourage them to pursue this interest (your partner will appreciate your support).


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3. We Are First

This means that as a couple you should want to consult with each other, discuss and make decisions as a couple and not place other relationships, children, or extended family before your relationship.


4. Love Attention, Show That You Care

Add some motivation to the "Hello! " greeting. When you have been separated from your partner for a long time (even if it's just for a weekday), greeting him with enthusiasm and not just glancing, can be a good system to show you care.


Sounds silly, but think of the feelings that are created when you give them some of the attention when your special greetings can be anything from a simple hug or a sexy dance move. Therefore, going home will be sweeter than before.


5. Don't Forget to Say "Accept Give"

Don't forget your manners: Say "Thank you". It's very easy to wrap up what your partner did wrong and too often, we lose sight of what they are doing right.


Every night, make it a habit to write three good things about your partner, something fun that he did, a beautiful memory that you have about him, or one of the many good things about him.


6. Ask 1 Important Question of this (how do you know that I love you?)

Find a good reply. In fact, if your relationship is as old as a hill, there is no late word to ask your partner one simple question:

How do you know that I love you?

Listen carefully to the response, so you will find your actions most valued and which behaviors should continue to be corrected.


7. [bonus] Never Stop Loving Him

It looks simple and like beautiful words, but are you able to consistently maintain the integrity of relationships with all your energy and ability.


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